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ABOUT – Helper caravan

HELPER CARAVAN  とは、現場で働くヘルパーさんが知っておくと便利な知識を漫画で紹介!介護や福祉について分かりやすく情報発信をすることを目的としています


介護ビジネスには外国資本の企業も多く参入しており、人材においても海外から優秀なナースケアのスペシャリストが日本の介護の現場に参加してきています。Helper Caravanでは同じ題材を英語版で発信していますので、外国人ヘルパーさんたちとのコミュニケーションツールとして活用して頂けたら幸いです。

When a working helper knows it, a comic introduces convenient knowledge and it is plain and is intended that information sends it about care and the welfare on the site.
In the environment where a helper is engaged in care, I aim at having it is wide, and elderly person and family who receive care by doing the information to help such as things of care food and the medicine in the comics that it is easy to get close to know their work. I introduce that I say that it is more fun and is a worthwhile occupation to lower a quitting a job rate of the staff of a young layer.
A lot of companies of the foreign capital enter the care business, and a specialist of excellent nurse care participates in the spot of the Japanese care in the talented person from the foreign countries. Because you send the same subject with English version in Helper Caravan, please inflect as an on-site communication tool.



Director  Kanae Tsuchiya