Yuu Morio’s Quick Pointers. -Episode 1-


Do you recognize the logo?ユニバーサルデザインフード

This logo is a mark used by organizations in Japan to show that their products have met certain qualifications and criteria. It assures caretakers that, regardless of patients’ age or disabilities, these commodities will be safe to consume. Caretakers know they can use these products with peace of mind.

In particular, the logo indicates the food will be soft and easy to swallow. For some people, teeth weaken with age and eating ‘hard’ food can result in dental damage. Thus when purchasing for those whom this is an issue, the logo serves as an easy means to identify appropriate purchases.

There has been an increase in consumer protections in recent years, especially in regards to labeling. This protection, however, goes above and beyond the standard requirements. Additionally, many buyers find the information presented on the participating products very helpful. The logo posted is especially helpful for the elderly and those who have dental concerns.

The logo is the mark of the Nippon Food Council which was established in 2002. It is dedicated food protection and providing peace of mind. Companies on the council followed the agreed upon standards voluntarily.




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